About me

Hey! I am happy that you are on my blog. I hope that you will like the paintings presented here, the posts will not upset you much, and will only stir you to think. Because I know what you like the most in the world – TO THINK. I am honest and open to you. The texts presented here are to be slightly above the average internet intellectual level. There are no ads here, no bare tits here, or delight over the new apparel.

Life is art. I write about it.

If you are interested in who I am, then please, here is a handful of information: I am a painter from Krakow, I live temporarily in England, I am over forty, I have four children, husband. I like to paint, write, photograph, knit, cook, learn psychology and Spanish, swim in the warm seas, I love Poland. I love my life. I am happy and optimistic. Calm and courageous. Honest and loyal.

If it’s not enough, here you can find more information about my artistic development:

One of the biggest life surprises that have happened to me is that I became an artist. My interest in painting appeared literally overnight. I am a determined person and act fast. Once I just felt that I wanted to paint a picture on canvas – the next morning I went to the artists shop, I bought the necessary paints, brushes and canvas. At midnight I had finished my first painting. It was a portrait of my daughter Nina. It was beautiful! During the creation, I felt a wonderful feeling, which in psychology is described by the concept of flow. It is a feeling of strong concentration and satisfaction at the same time. It’s a sense of suspension in time – you do not know when minutes and hours pass. The only thing you feel is the mix of happiness and fulfillment. From that night on, I knew that painting would be what I would devote my entire life to. I painted the next images with the speed of lightning – every evening, when the children were going to sleep, and the house was in silence, I grabbed paint and brush and painted until late at night. During the busy full-time-mum day, however, I searched for more painting topics, sketched, devised new ideas and I watched hundreds or maybe even thousands of paintings. On the weekends, we started to visit galleries, museums, vernissages and art fairs with the whole family. We planned summer vacations not only for the warm beaches, but also for the museums we wanted to visit. The walls of our house began to fill with my paintings, the art quickly filled the interior of the house, which now resembles a gallery of contemporary art more than a house in which four children are brought up.

I am a self-taught artist. However, I can say that I come from a family where art existed as my mother’s passion. As a child, I remember my mother, how she painted oil paintings, I remember many sculptures and art installations that decorated our house and were entirely made by my mother. At home, there were also plenty of painting albums and biographical books of great artists, painters and sculptors. Art was and still is my mother’s passion.

The first time I reached for paints was at the age of 36, being a mature woman, mother of four children. From day to day painting has become my obsession and way of life. My previous activities were artistic in nature but I considered them rather as craft interests. I am a journalist by profession, I have been writing my own blog for 11 years, I am passionate about photography, I create my own short films, I have been renovating antique wooden furniture, and I design and sew clothing for myself and children. I am a knitter and I love creating sweaters using crochet. As you can see a lot among my interests are artistic activities or being on the borderline of art and craft.

I’m currently living and creating in the UK, Sheffield. It is a temporary place – in June I am returning home in the countryside near my hometown of Krakow, Poland.

I paint mainly abstract portraits of women.

The women I portray are beautiful, statuesque but … imperfect. I attach great importance to face asymmetry, I often exaggerate certain features of the face, eyes are too big, nose too long, lips too convex. This is a deliberate procedure: in this way I want to express my opposition to the image of a woman created and reproduced by contemporary pop culture. I am against the terror of beauty and youth promoted by the media, social media, photography or advertising.

In my works I use elements of transparency – layers of paint penetrate, some come out from underneath. It is a game I play with a viewer – I like to stimulate him to my his own interpretation of the work, to discover the next parts of the painting, which I purposely hide. I want him to look at my canvas and wonder: why does this face have only one eye? Where does the hair end and the plants start? Is this a hole in a stomach? What do these belts mean? Ambiguity in my paintings is to stimulate the recipient to cooperate with me. I love listening to audiences when they talk about my pictures, when they share impressions, insights, and their own interpretations. And believe me – as many recipients, as many interpretations! Everyone sees something different in the picture, each concentrates on another element, everyone understands it in their own way. And this is the most important thing: there is no one, correct and true interpretation. Because everyone lets the image through their own filter, through their own experience, through their character and their lives. One will be enchanted with color, another will focus on enormous eyes, someone will like the flower, and for the next, the grimace of the face will be repulsive.

In my paintings I often use black outlines – I think that they give an amazing and expressive character to the person portrayed. I also love expressive, vivid, bright colors. I can not imagine my paintings in murky, pastel and without contrasts.

I paint with acrylic paints on large or very large canvases. I love huge paintings – they are created as a counterweight to tiny pictures that we watch every day on the screens of smartphones. Interiors filled with large paintings are fascinating and unique to me. I think that the most beautiful interior is filled with one, but a huge painting.

Acrylic paint gives me a sense of freedom during creation. My paintings often have elements of transparency that I am able to get by painting subsequent layers. In the case of long-drying oil paints, I would have to wait a long time for the next step and another layer – and this is completely contrary to my impatient nature.

In my painting career there were several moments that confirmed me that what I do brings joy not only to me, but also to others. Art was always a fun for me, it was my egoistic and private fulfillment of my dreams. Once, however, I understood that the paintings I paint are important for others too. I felt appreciated. The first such experience took place during my first exhibition. Even before it was finished, several works were sold, and the positive response to my works surprised even the organizers themselves, who congratulated me on my success and huge interest. Another time I felt great when a buyer who wanted to choose one painting after seeing the whole collection bought it almost entirely.

I was also thrilled by the presentation of my work at the contemporary art fair in Coburg, Germany. I saw crowds of people watching my work, I talked to many of them and the only thing I heard all along was praise and admiration. I came back from the fair with great faith in my artistic possibilities and with the conviction that what I am doing is right.

In addition to art, I have a very rich world of interests. I’m crazy about psychology. For many years I have been reading all available books in the field of psychology. I’m subscribed to thematic magazines. And I constantly improve in this field. If I am ever born again, I will definitely become a psychologist.

I also love to knit and sew. I spend evenings in my favorite way: I listen to an audiobook on psychological topics and I make a thousandth sweater or a wool cap. For me it is as relaxing as painting pictures.

My next passion is writing my blog. I can boast of uninterrupted writing since 2008! I am very proud of this work. I love to read my previous entries and at the same time wonder how much the world and the reality around us has changed over the years. It’s fascinating!

My life is largely determined by the fact that I am a mother of four children. It’s a full-time job, but at the same time it’s the greatest thing that has happened to me in my life. It is a real blessing and sense of my existence. Family is a source of inspiration, joy and strength for me to paint and write my texts everyday.